Infrastructure and energy projects

Energy and infrastructure form a core part of Africa’s Agenda 2063. Key continental focus areas include the Single African Air Transport Market (SAATM), the Pan Africane-Network (PAeN), the Integrated High Train Network, Grand Inga Dam and Cyber Security.

At country-level, Kenya’s development program is aligned with the above continental goals.

Considering that the value of the above critical focus areas for Kenya and the rest of Africa, FASTWIT has dedicated personnel offering consulting services targeted at enhancing the achievement of infrastructure/ energy project objectives and deliverables in a sustainable and environment/climate-friendly manner. This speciality is also harnessed within the firm to address consultancy needs focusing on industrialization – to offer support to relevant government departments and also avail services to private sector industry organizations.

Our general Infrastructure & Energy Consulting services

  • Infrastructure strategic planning
  • Infrastructure procurement and transaction advisory services
  • Environmental risk management
  • Value for money reviews
  • Project planning and evaluation
  • Project feasibility studies
  • Project performance and sustainability
  • Infrastructure investment planning

Our Service Deliverables

Preservation of project related credit ratings, ensuring sustainable profit and loss for projects, preservation of project assets, minimization of costs.

Operational efficiency and effectiveness, strategy formulation and enhancement, optimizing asset portfolios, project evaluation and selection, optimizing organizational structure, and institutional frameworks.

Feasibility studies and business plan assessment, planning and structuring of transactions and critical operations, and formulation of cost efficiency structures.