Youth empowerment and transformation

The youthful population in Kenya and across the region and the whole of Africa presents immense opportunities inform of labour supply, an expanding market and many other desirables that come with a young, energetic and vibrant population.

There is however a need for appropriate skilling and influencing mindsets of our youths for us to be able to derive value from them and empower them to make positive contribution to our societies. Failure on this will translate into adverse scenarios of having youths who are restless, whose expectations are unmet. This can result in social unrest and jeopardise national development interests when these youths get sucked into retrogressive engagements, against national progress objectives. A number of civil strife scenarios have manifested across Africa in recent times and they are related to this.

FASTWIT partners with government departments, civil society organizations as well as private sector players that aim to tap the potential of youths and enhance their contribution to the development of Kenya, the region and all of Africa.

Our general youth empowerment and transformation services

  • Entrepreneurship and Empowerment for youths
  • Youth Leadership Development
  • Mentorship and mindset change
  • Skills for management of business start ups
  • Communication skills / social media in business
  • Entrepreneurial skills and knowledge for early retirement
  • Agriculture and farming as a business
  • Financial management for start ups and SMEs

Our service deliverables

An empowered and skilled mass of youths, able to identify and take advantage of available opportunities and create others.

A right mindset among our youths resulting in a positive outlook and understanding of their contribution to the region and Africa.

A positively engaged youth mass, solution oriented and tuned to the challenges and opportunities of their times.